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Fine Luxury Fragrances specializes in the distribution of fragrances with diverse brands catering to the lifestyle of a global audience. Our product portfolio consists of:

Oros - Oros, the high end french luxury fragrance brand. Oros, which means 'Gold' in spanish, have used natural oils for a long lasting scent and hand-decorated bottles with swarovski elements.

Armaf Niche - Armaf Niche, is a range of artisanal fragrances and uses only the finest raw materials known to the perfumery industry. All the eight fragrances in the range are crafted with refinement with the use of rich and deep ingredients such as patchouli, oud, cedar and amber - 

Armaf  - A collection of luxurious premium fragrances that exudes class, style and couture.

Estiara - An inspiring range of alternative designer fragrances that is chic and affordable.

Cosmo Design - A diverse range of fragrances that provides real value and appeals to the mass market.

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